• From Window Stickers to Product Labels

Printed with a Clear Vinyl background

  • Black and Gray printed onto Clear Vinyl
  • VFW Custom Stickers - White printed onto Clear
  • Remote Control Hobbies 2
  • Jackson Hole Whitewater Clear Sticker Applied to Glass
  • White and Red Printed onto Clear Labels - NewManRevolution
  • Remote Control Hobbies, Red, Black and White printed onto Clear, Application tape still applied.
  • NE Texas Outdoors, White Printed onto Clear
  • Jackson Hole Sticker before application.  Cyan and Black onto Clear
  • Black, Cyan and White Printed onto Clear
  • White and Yellow Printed onto Clear - CMA Kicks
  • X clear stickers before application tape is applied. Hot Green Printed onto Clear
  • Black, Intense Red and Cyan with application tape applied.
  • Skidmarks Wheel and Tire - White and Black printed onto Clear
  • Crossgates Sportsmen, Orange and White onto Clear
  • Earth's Origin, Golden Yellow and Black printed onto Clear

Your Artwork Printed onto Clear Vinyl!

Clear vinyl offers a very similar look as die-cut stickers (which have no background when applied and are only one color), but with multi-color advantages. Clear vinyl gives you the added flexibility of printing multiple color artwork, and artwork with intricate details such as small text.

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A white underbase to ensure opacity!

Your design must utilize our standard spot colors.  Before each spot color is printed, we print a layer of white behind your design. This layering effect allows your colors to stand out no matter the underlying surface color.  This underbase of white isn't visible unless looking at the rear of the sticker.  Without this underbase of white, your colors would blend in with the surface color, which will drastically reduce the visibility of your design.

Custom shapes with no die fees!

With our custom contour cutting process, the clear vinyl can be custom cut around the outside edge of your design, for no extra cost.  This computer controlled cutting process has unmatched accuracy and gives your stickers a finished look.  Our contour cutting process eliminates the square, basic bumper sticker look commonly seen in other printing processes.  This no extra charge cutting process eliminates uneccessary clear material, giving your stickers a more professional, custom shape and appearance.

Easy, fingerprint free application - Application Tape is applied to every sticker.

We apply clear application tape to every clear sticker to eliminate the chance of fingerprints.  You may ask, why would you need application tape?  Through our research, we have found that in order to peel a clear sticker from the backing, you have to pinch and pull the the sticker from the backing, which causes the oil from your fingers to stick to the adhesive, causing fingerprints that are visible after your sticker is applied.  We have solved this problem by applying a temporary application tape.  Instead of touching the sticker itself, you can now lift the sticker from the backing with the edges of the application tape, eliminating any finger prints and allowing for a flawless installation every time.

Many companies produce clear vinyl stickers appear very 'unclear and cloudy' when applied. We’ve pushed for better with our clear stickers.   We print every clear sticker printed onto Premium clear cast vinyl (the best vinyl available), giving us the clearest background, cleanest printing and longest durability available.


Our past clients have used our Clear Stickers for:

  • Intricate die-cut "style" stickers that have a no background look.
  • Custom window stickers.
  • Product labeling that needs a seamless, painted on look.
  • Any sports team! Our clear stickers are very popular for fundraisers.

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Off Road Club President
Nice! - April 12, 2017
We're happy with how these turned out, thanks guys, the extra application tape you put on them is really nice, but be sure to tell people applying them it's on there.
Top End Fitness
Rob - April 10, 2016
Very nice stickers, took around 8 days for production for our larger order. Tested these outdoors for a few months before posting and they still look new, we expect them to last a while!
Business owner
Tim hunt - October 9, 2015
Ordered 200 clear decals and they turned out great. They worked and looked great on the cars. Will be ordering more soon. Thanks for the excellent customer service as well.
Owner Standing Fit
Tiffiny Taylor - September 22, 2015
I have ordered my decals exclusively through StickerCutting. I have found them prompt, responsive & very accommodating.
Fast Signs
Clear! - February 19, 2015
We had a problem with previous vendors vinyl looking very muddy / not as clear as we needed, but this material is great and gave us a new look at clear stickers for our customers. We're happy with the end results!
Creative Director
MM Designs - August 19, 2014
Stickers came out great. Only caveat is they are hard to apply and we have had a couple of people report they had wrinkles in them once applied. Otherwise, product is great.
Reply from Stickercutting.com: Thank you for your review! We always recommend including a short printed how-to with the stickers, just to be sure your customers understand how the application tape works.
Vice President/Brnad Manager
Josh - June 20, 2014
Great quality stickers that really cling. It was difficult to find white letter printing on clear and these guys did great!
Ana Laura Peña - April 8, 2014
We received a great service since the moment we clicked in your website until the moment we got the stickers!
Graphic Designer
Erica - February 18, 2014
Great Product. Perfectly cut, reasonably priced, for what was received. Only company that could fulfull my need. Thanks!
Vice President / Partner
Doug Cvelbar - August 30, 2013
The stickers are exactly what we asked for. High quality product
Hotel Office Manager
Dawn - April 2, 2013
We had unique issues with confusing faucet handles in our showers. A simple fix once I found this website. The staff were quick with the initial response and had a sample for me to review shortly afterward. The product was delivered faster than promised and has worked out wonderfully. The shower handles look as if they came that way rather than a sticker applied to it. Great product and great service!
MarCom Manager
Jeremy - April 2, 2013
Our startup's lettered logo is too thin for die-cut stickers so the staff took the time to educate us on the next best alternative: printing on clear stickers. The final product turned out sharp looking since they were able cut-around our logo. The transparent application tape also makes it easy to apply.
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We print your 1 to 4 spot color design onto clear vinyl using our standard spot colors. Application tape is applied to ensure an easy installation with zero fingerprints.


  • Your artwork must utilize our standard spot colors for this process, shown below.
  • Production time of 7-10 days or less with Free Shipping
  • 3+ Year Outdoor Life
  • Made into any Shape and Size. No Die Fees, no design templates needed.
  • Use for window stickers, custom labels, indoors or outdoors, nearly any perfectly smooth surface will work great! 
  • Minimum Run of 50 stickers per design for sizes less than 6" x 6".  Choose a larger size for lower minimums.
  • Lower your cost per sticker at each price break:  100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5k, 10k, 15k.

Click to graphic below to view our available spot colors.  Use up to 4.

Clear sticker color options

For full color printing, check out our premium white stickers.

  • Artwork Setup Requirements:  Design artwork to any size and any shape within our size limitations below.  Printing onto clear is a very specific process that requires very specific artwork formatting.  

    We recommend (and generally require) designing in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw; save as a vector (.EPS/.AI) format for this product.  Draw in 1 point cyan line to define outside product shape. 

    Please note:  Some artwork won't be fit for clear vinyl printing due to: poor artwork quality, attempting to use custom CMYK/RGB colors, or incorporating too many design aspects (no drop shadows or gradients can be printed).  This process is reserved for more basic, solid color artwork that can be designed to utilize our ability to print solid spot colors onto clear vinyl.  Want to know if your artwork is ready for print?  Upload your artwork and receive a Free Quote.


Free Shipping within the USA!

  • Adhesive:  Can be made with Face Adhesive (to apply to the inside of glass, with the print facing outwards) or standard, rear adhesive.
  • Outdoor Life:  3+ years outdoors.  Scratch resistance isn't as high as our laminated digitally printed products, but the product is still ideal for many low-impact applications.
  • Artwork Files Accepted:  .EPS, .AI or high resolution, 300-600dpi artwork. Initial clarity of the artwork is very important, vector artwork is highly recommended. 
  • Artwork Setup:  We recommend solid color, clean edged artwork utilizing up to four of our standard spot colors (linked above).  
  • Size Limitations:  Up to 26" tall by nearly any length. Smallest text size is a 10 point font. Minimum sticker length is 0.5" long for very basic designs. Minimum size is very artwork dependent.
  • Shape Limitations: Clear vinyl can be cut to nearly any custom or basic shape.  No setup fees for custom shapes.
  • Can be applied to:  Any smooth surface. Glass, painted wood, metal, etc.
  • Final look: Glossy, smooth stickers, with a white underbase to ensure opacity.  Matte vinyl isn't available.
  • Final Trim Options:  All clear stickers are cut individually or into sheets upon request.
  • Pricing:  Pricing is based on your specific needs, such as number of colors, size, and quantity needed. Please use our free quote form for a custom quote. 
  • How your stickers arrive: Neatly packaged in stacks within clear self adhesive packaging, shipped USPS Priority Mail or FedEx.  We notify you via e-mail with tracking information on shipment date.