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Information about our services

General File Requirements

We will be printing directly from your artwork file, so initial file quality is critical to a successful print run.  We will always let you know i50f your artwork isn't what we need to produce a high-quality product.   If we can increase the quality in any way, we will always provide this option as well.

Please do not send corporate logos or files from Google Images
that you do not have permission to reproduce, we cannot print these files.

For Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Microsoft Publisher documents; exporting these file types as a .PDF file is recommended.  

Saving your files into a widely accepted graphic format, such as PDF, .EPS, .AI, .JPG (300dpi), .PNG (300dpi) or .BMP (300dpi), .TIFF (300dpi) format is required.  A resolution of 300dpi for larger graphics and 600dpi or above for smaller, more detailed graphics is recommended if exporting to a raster .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF or BMP file. 

Programs we recommend for graphic production: 

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe ImageReady
  • Corel Draw
  • Don't have this software? Try Google's (free to use, no downloading needed!), web-based designer SVG edit - a great starting point for designing your own artwork.

These programs have free trial versions available at www.adobe.com or www.corel.com that can be used for designing your artwork. Tutorials are widely available online to help you through the design process.

Artwork Setup Guidelines

Premium White Vinyl - Reflective Vinyl - Face Adhesive Vinyl Stickers

Design artwork at 300-600+ dpi and save as .PNG/.JPG format if using Photoshop.  If designed in a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, ALWAYS provide this vector file to us for quoting purposes so we know what type of file we'll be working with.  Save all vector files in an .EPS or .AI format and be sure to convert all text to outlines or curves before saving.  

Color Space: Your file can be designed in RGB or CMYK color.

No templates are needed and we do not use standard sizes.  We recommend you design your artwork to what fits your exact needs and we'll handle the rest!  Establishing a size for your sticker is always the most critical step.  

Pro Tip:  If unsure of what size sticker you need, we recommend designing your artwork and printing out a few to-size examples on paper via your home printer to give yourself a visual aid to choosing the best size.  This example will give you an idea of text legibility, overall look and feel, etc.  Simply print and cut out your examples, hold them up to the application area and you suddenly have a rough example of how your actual stickers will function.  Enter your final measurements when receiving your Free Quote and you will have an educated idea on how large your stickers will look when you receive them.

Our production process allows us great flexibility to setup your artwork with very little, if any changes needed during setup.  We can print the most basic black and white artwork, to the most complex photographs onto our high-quality vinyl!

Bleeds and defining cut lines:  If adding a bleed to your artwork, please add in trim lines or a 1 point cut line within the bleed to define the shape of the sticker.   Bleeds aren't always required with our incredibly accurate cutting equipment; we will know whether we will need a bleed once we see your file. 

Sizes Available:  Stickers can be made from 1" x 1" (sometimes smaller, depend on how basic your artwork is) up to 50" wide (and nearly any length) in size.  For larger files, please design your file at 300dpi or design in a vector format.

Contour Cut Lines:  A staff member will view your artwork during the quoting process to ensure its print ready.  If no cut line is added to define the shape of your stickers, we can easily add in a cut line to define your sticker shape for you, simply let us know what your shape requirements are.  Questions? Contact us.


Artwork Setup Guidelines - Die-Cut Stickers

Die-cut stickers are created using a single-color vinyl cutting process, which results in a sticker with no background when applied; care must be taken when you're designing your file to ensure your artwork isn't too detailed for this process.  

Avoid designing with lettering smaller than 0.25" in height.  Maintain basic, clean edged design and text details and eliminate small, detailed parts where possible such as extremely small dots or very thin lines.  Remember that as your design gets smaller, your design elements will too, so for a smaller sticker, remove more details. 

Fonts with jagged or rough looking elements will not be acceptable for this process.

Design artwork in one color, as this is a one color process. Vector Art designed in Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator is highly recommended (.EPS, .AI, .PDF) and may be required based on your production needs.

Stickers can be made up to 28" wide and nearly any length using the available colors on our die-cut stickers page

Need to check and see if your artwork is die-cut ready?  Simply upload it using our Free Quote Form and we'll let you know what may need to be adjusted.


Quoting and Ordering

Quick and Easy Quoting Process:  We send all quotes via an e-mail reply from orders@stickercutting.com when we receive your quote details through our Free Quote Form.  All sticker quotes are generated by a trained sticker specialist and are not automatically generated; this ensures all details are 100% correct and we know we can handle your order exactly as you intend it to be produced.  This manual quoting method also gives us a chance to check your artwork resolution, file size proportions, and receive any custom details you may need to specify before a quote is generated. 

You received your quote and you're ready to order:  Once the quote has been approved, you can simply give us a call or reply to our e-mail to let us know you're ready to place your sticker order.  We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit card payments over the phone or through an invoice that can be paid online.   We can also accept Purchase orders.


Standard Production Times (7-10 days):

Our standard production time is 7 to 10 days.  We will e-mail you on the day that your order ships to ensure you're ready for your products arrival.  Typical shipping will take 2-3 days with our Free Shipping via USPS Priority mail.

Rushed Production Orders (2-4 days or less):

A rush order will typically cut the production time to 2-4 days, possibly faster, depending on your exact order size and deadline needs.  If you need to rush your order, please give us a call at 304-212-4670 to see if we can meet your deadline.  Rush orders add 15% of your order cost to the final cost.  We will let you know if extra shipping charges will be needed to meet your deadline, along with the cost before proceeding.  All orders that need to be shipped faster than our standard USPS shipping will be shipped via FedEx 2 day, or Overnight.

When you're ready to Reorder:

When we setup your artwork, it is saved in a digital file and used only at your request.  We will be able to replicate your previous order exactly as the first, second, third, etc.

Reordering is simple:

Call us at 1-304-212-4670 or send us an email to orders@stickercutting.com with your artwork as an attachment, previous order number or e-mail used for your original quote.  

Your order number would be listed at the top of your printed receipt or with your e-mailed shipping confirmation, which came from tracking@shipstation.com or orders@stickercutting.com.

If you have limited information about your previous order and want us to look it up, give us a call at 304-212-4670, we can always find your saved file with some minor details.


Placing your order via Credit Card:

Pay Online with a Credit Card:  For customers that prefer to pay online, simply reply to our Free Quote e-mail that you would like to place an order.  We'll send you a link to an invoice detailing your order.  All invoices are processed through a secure PayPal terminal.

Pay over the phone with a Credit Card:  If you would prefer to place your order over the phone, simply give us a call at 304-212-4670, we'll look your order up quickly from your e-mail address. 

For Purchase Order Payments:  

We understand purchase orders may be the only way your company makes purchases.  Purchase order availability is subject to approval.   Please Contact Us if you need to use a purchase order instead of a Credit Card or PayPal.com payment.


Shipping Information

Free Standard Shipping via 2-3 Day USPS Priority Mail within the USA

Priority mail shipping is free!

Shipping is Free for all of our standard shipments via USPS Priority mail within the USA.

Expedited Shipping via FedEx: Extra shipping costs apply

Fedex is used for expedited shipping.

We understand your rush order may need to be received by a certain day at a certain time.  For these time critical shipments, we ship via FedEx 2 day or FedEx Next Day Air.   Extra costs will apply.  We will either charge these costs up front, or charge your card the exact amount on the day of shipping depending on your order size.  We will let you know which method works best for your order and will note these costs on your invoice.

International Shipments

For our International customers, we will ship your order via USPS Global Priority mail. Shipping will be calculated for most orders. We may also charge the exact shipping costs to your account after shipment.  Depending on your order size, we will let you know which shipment plan will work best to ensure the costs are covered accordingly, to avoid excessive shipping costs.

Pricing / Receive Free Samples

We strive to provide the lowest prices possible for our high quality custom vinyl stickers.  To receive pricing for your custom sticker order, please start by filling out our free quote form.  Our free quote form allows you to upload your print-ready artwork file, along with your exact sizing specifications directly to us.  We'll respond the same business day with your free quote via e-mail.  If for some reason you don't receive our response within 24 hours, please check your junk mail folder, then give us a call at 304-212-4670. 

Looking for samples before placing an order?  We have free samples available for every custom sticker that we produce.  We prefer to mail samples after providing a quote to ensure our pricing is something that works for your needs.  Simply make a note within our free quote form with your shipping address and custom sticker types you're interested in.  We'll e-mail you a confirmation when your samples ship. 

What about price matching? We do not price match as we have found that very few companies produce the same quality of products that we do.  Because we print at a very high resolution, while using very high quality materials, matching a lower end product wouldn’t be an even comparison for price matching.

Our high quality materials ensure your products will stay looking great through many harsh outdoor conditions!