• Reflective Stickers - Be Seen at Night!

Full Color Printing onto Reflective Vinyl

  • Reflective Stickers at night
  • Reflective Stickers during the day
  • Reflective sticker peeled and applied - contour cut.
  • Reflective Custom Cut Sticker at night - lots of glow!
  • Reflective motorcycle sticker during the day
  • Laminated Reflective sticker - cut to a custom shape.
  • Reflective sticker peeled and applied - cut to a circle with slight outside white edge.
  • Applied Reflective sticker - cut to a custom shape.
  • Reflective Signs - Ready to be applied to a fire truck!
  • Dubset reflective sticker
  • Dubset Reflecting at night.
  • Reflective hard hat sticker peeled and applied - cut to an oval.
  • Ridgefield Rotary Reflective Sticker During the Day
  • Ridgefield Rotary Reflective Sticker glowing at night
  • Reflective Vehicle sticker during the day
  • Yellow freedom reflective sticker
  • Reflective Car Window Sticker during the day
  • Reflective Motorcycle Stickers at night

Awesome Outdoor Durability, High Nighttime Visibility

Using our incredibly accurate digital printing process, our reflective stickers will give your products unmatched visibility in low light and night time situations!  If you have seen emergency or police vehicles at night, you know the "glow" these stickers create at night when they come in contact with a light source.  We can reproduce your artwork down to every detail, including smooth glows, gradients and drop shadows with no halftone dots! 

Custom Sticker Ordering Starts here!

Engineering Grade Reflective Vinyl + Lamination

We print onto high quality, engineering grade reflective vinyl and laminate every sticker to ensure it's durability outdoors for 3+ years.  No longer do you need to purchase stickers and wonder if they will hold up in your conditions, our stickers will, and we guarantee it.  Any smooth, slightly curved surface is perfect for our stickers, indoors or outdoors.  Our stickers will wrap perfectly around hard hat curves without any wrinkles!

Nearly all colors glow at night

Depending on the colors in your artwork, your sticker will reflect differently.  Dark colors like black will not reflect, while lighter colors will maintain most of the reflective properties of the vinyl.  Check out our gallery above to give you an idea of what will and will not reflect.

Just like our other digitally printed products, we can contour cut your stickers to any shape that you need.  This includes ovals, rectangles, squares or your most creative custom shapes for no extra cost. 

As with all of our products, when you're ready to re-order, your artwork will be saved and ready for another production run that will be identical to your first.


Popular uses of our Reflective Stickers:

  • Custom Hard Hat Stickers - Keep your works safe and visible!
  • Ambulance and Military Stickers
  • We can print your design up to 47" wide!  You provide the beautiful artwork, we provide the beautiful products!
Office Manager
Eric - April 8, 2014
Every part of this order was delivered with great care, and detail. Thank You E
Jeff - April 8, 2014
My motorcycle club ordered reflective die cut stickers. The labels were delivered quickly and were absolutely awesome in every way. Very high quality materials, printing, and die cutting. I am very impressed with Nathan and Stickercutting.com
Volunteer Raft Guide
Bill - April 8, 2014
I got a fast quote and the labels arrived as promised. Nathan answered the phone when I called and answered my questions. We love the new stickers on our helmets.
John Wolf - February 26, 2014
We've tried other custom adhesive label manufacturers and nobody even comes close to the care and quality that Nathan and his team put into their work. From getting the colors just right to the attention to detail in the final trimming of the vinyl stock, to the very reasonable pricing -- StickerCutting.com is the best choice!
Team Leader
Jeff - February 19, 2014
Nathan was a pleasure to work with. We submitted our graphics and within a day he had a proof for us to approve. Very happy with this product!
Diana - February 18, 2014
Excellent quality and speedy service! Very trustworthy company to do business with. I highly recommend stickercutting.com.
RICK - February 18, 2014
They answered all of my questions up front and sent us some samples upon request. Once our graphic was submitted the stickers were being created minutes later and we had our stickers in just a few days. Quality work, fast turnaround... looking forward to placing another order!
Creative Manager
Laurie - February 17, 2014
Stickers arrived quickly. Look great, work great. I got a 4-color sticker of our logo, which is very colorful and has gradations in it. I got rounded corners. The reflective vinyl is a little bit greyish/silver but that's what it needs to be in order to reflect. We put them on white hard hats. With a little practice, we could stretch the vinyl over the curved surface so that there were no wrinkles or bubbles.
Sue - February 17, 2014
The company was GREAT to work with via email and phone. They worked directly with me to get the exact shape we wanted for our stickers. These will be used as door exit numbers for a school. We chose the reflective white stickers cut in a paw design and numbered sequentially to match our door exit numbers. This helps our community emergency responders familiarize themselves with our school building. This was a very good experience and I would use this company again.
Director of Client Services
Amanda - December 11, 2013
Needed a high quality, thick, reflective emergency sticker to place on our office phones and these came out perfect! I am really impressed with the quality. And Nathan has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Thank you!
Assistant Coordinator
Maren - September 17, 2013
Our order of reflective stickers just arrived and they look fantastic! I haven't seen them in the dark yet, but stickercutting.com met our tight deadline with a great product. Would definitely use them again! Thanks!
Project Manager- Transmission & Distribution
Cat - September 4, 2013
This company was so easy to work with, duplicated our logo perfectly and the stickers were here in no time. I will definitely return.
Administrative support
Emily - September 3, 2013
We ordered some reflective bike stickers that are super popular! Glad to do business with Stickercutting.
Miller Contracting Services INC - August 29, 2013
We use these laminated reflective stickers on our large tools and hard hats. They are highly visible and hold up well to the demanding conditions on our jobsites.
Offshore Construction Engineer
Gregg - June 8, 2013
Using these laminated reflective stickers as branding on hard hats, they're exposed to a harsh environment and they're amazing. They show up really well day and night, drawing attention to our logo. Brilliant!
Crime Watch Coordinator
Joy Morris - May 7, 2013
The officers in our area love the Crime Watch stickers we had made for our vehicles. They are very visible. Great job! You were a pleasure to deal with. You kept your word about time of delivery and were very helpful.
GERI - April 7, 2013
The reflective product has been great! It is such a good feeling when your product does what it says: REFLECT.
Good service
Doug - April 2, 2013
Our club stickers reflect really nice at night - the service and help to get the order was quick and appreciated.
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April Sale!  Order (500) 2"x 3" Reflective Stickers for just $295.00 shipped!   Use Coupon Code AprilReflect when requesting your Free Quote.

Our Laminated Reflective Vinyl Stickers use our Digital Printing process to create stickers that allow you to maximize visiblity at night. 

  • Production time of 7-10 days or less
  • Minimum order size of 25 stickers for sizes under 6" x 6".
  • Use Engineering Grade Reflective Vinyl and are Laminated for the ultimate protection.
  • 3+ Year Outdoor Life.
  • Cut to any shape with our incredibly accurate computer driven cutting equipment.
  • Used for hard hats, advertising, indoor or outdoor conditions where night time visibility is critical.
  • Any high resolution artwork can be printed.
  • Lower your cost per sticker at each price break:  50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5k, 10k, 15k.


Removable:  Yes, and have the most aggressive adhesive we offer, but will not harm underlying surface.

  • One color to Full Color artwork.  Nearly any size or shape.
    No standard colors, no cost per color.
    No setup charges, no die-cutting charges.

  Free Shipping within the USA!

Outdoor Life: 3+ years outdoors in harsh conditions.  Each sticker is laminated with a clear vinyl laminate. 4 mil (thickness) engineering grade reflective vinyl for printing and then coated with 2.5 mil glossy vinyl laminate (no matte is available) for unmatched outdoor protection.

  • Artwork files accepted:  .JPG, .GIF, .EPS, .AI, .BMP, .TIF, .PDF, .PNG
  • Can be Consecutively Numbered:  Yes.
  • Face Adhesive & Reflective: Not available. Only available with white vinyl.
  • Print Resolution:  High Resolution, 720dpi, very crisp and clear printing.
  • Artwork files accepted:  .JPG, .GIF, .EPS, .AI, .BMP, .TIF, .PDF
  • Setup Consists of:  We print directly from your artwork. No altering of color, text, etc. unless requested. We can send a proof to show the final print file, if needed.
  • Pricing Based on:  Size and quantity only. Not charged per-color, or your custom shape.
  • Materials Available:  White Reflective Vinyl - base material is silver-ish color. Dark colors reflect less, while lighter colors maintain reflective properties.
  • Color Limitations:  None, this is a full color process.  No color limitations.  Super smooth gradient printing.
  • Final Trimming options:  Can be cut into 8.5" x 11" sheets or individual stickers.
  • Minimum Sticker size:  1" x 1" for all shapes. Stickers this small will be cut into 8.5" x 11" sheets.
  • Maximum Sticker Size: 46" wide up to nearly any length.  Lower minimums apply for larger stickers.
  • Can be applied to:  Any smooth, clean surface. Outdoors or Indoors. Will not harm surface.
  • How your stickers arrive: Neatly packaged in stacks within clear self adhesive packaging, shipped USPS Priority Mail or FedEx.  We notify you via e-mail with tracking information on shipment date.