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Die Cut Stickers for Advertising

By March 9, 2018January 5th, 2019Creative Customer Blog
Applied Die Cut Sticker

Your car is an ideal rolling billboard

RC Performance LLC utilizes our Die-Cut stickers to advertise their company name on car windows, motorcycle gas tanks and even apply them to customers racing motorcycles.  A single Die-Cut Sticker can be viewed thousands of times over it’s lifespan.  With a few seconds of application time, a customers vehicle can quickly and easily be turned into your companies rolling billboard.  A customers car could potentially pass by thousands of vehicles a day, making your company sticker visible to potential clients.  If you handed out stickers to 500 customers, who then applied the stickers in the same manner to their vehicle, you now have 500 rolling billboards.   Over the years our customers have proven that company window stickers generate returns for their business, and they sure do look nice while doing it!

Products Shown:
  Die-Cut Stickers
Cut Type:  Single color – Black, Dark Grey, Gold, Red, White Vinyl used in photo above.
Artwork Provided:  Customer provided fonts