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Custom service stickers can help save the day

Custom Service Sticker Sheets

When your customers need help, remind them who to call

Electrical Safety Specialists maintain their client base by applying one of our Premium White Vinyl Stickers to each piece of electrical equipment that they have come in contact with.  This simple sticker install can make the difference between the customer calling them to fix a issue, or trying to Google a completely different company who may or may not be best for your client.  ESS uses Premium White Stickers knowing that they are laminated to protect the print from grease, grime and mild chemicals and have a 3+ year outdoor life to ensure their stickers will last for the long term outdoors.    A customer may not even know the sticker is applied until an issue arises, so be sure that the stickers are applied in an easy to find, safe place for the client to find it.


Products Shown:  Premium White Stickers with Glossy Laminate
Cut Type:  Cut into 8.5″ x 11″ sheets for easy transport
Artwork Provided:  Customer provided artwork