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Face Adhesive Stickers – Labels that are Tamper Proof

Face Adhesive Stickers are perfect inside (the glass!) window stickers

Bluffs Landing Marina and Lodge uses our Face Adhesive Stickers to identify who has a launch permit for each boating season.  With our simple to apply and identify Face Adhesive Sticker solution, Bluffs is able to quickly check who should and shouldn’t be using the boat launch areas.   Each season a new color is ordered to make the identification process simple and straight forward.   This sticker type is perfect for this application as they are applied inside the glass and show outside the vehicle.   If your stickers need to be applied as a long term solution, no need to worry, our stickers are printed onto high-quality vinyl with outdoor inks, making them ready for a harsh life in the sun.

Products Shown:  Face Adhesive Stickers
Cut Type:  Cut to rectangle shape, no outside white border
Artwork Provided:  Customer provided