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From Hand Drawn to Sticker Form

By March 8, 2018March 13th, 2018Creative Customer Blog

When using what you’ve got is the best option

Getting the best result doesn’t always require expensive software or expensive design services, there are many design programs available that are free of charge that allow you to use your skills or establish new ones.   Free to download design software like InkScape and Gimp are a great way to get started!   Some of our customers also choose to hand draw their images, sending us the scanned in images for print.  We have the ability to print the images directly from their hand drawings, making some beautiful results.  Whether you start with the most expensive software or the Free software, we always recommend getting into graphic design, it’s an extremely rewarding way to express your ideas!

Products Shown:  Premium White Stickers with Gloss Laminate
Cut Type:  Cut to a circle
Artwork Provided:  Customer provided, we added in circle cut.